As soon as I got to the beach I didn’t want to go home . I wanted to spend all day there.

A friend asked me why not? Well still had scripts to put through . Eventhough I don’t work formally after this coming Saturday I still work behind the scenes.

I’m still a wife of a businessman after all . It means I have to support him . If he needs paper I go buy . If he needs research in where to source stuff I google. That’s what we do.

Plus after our fight the other night we are still not really talking or intimate. We need to make up not sure when or how?

23 years of marriage and 27 years of being together I do not know if we have got what it takes.

We’ve been through a lot as a couple. If something major happens again do we have enough GRIT to stay and fight ?

Was crying on the way down last night as I’m not so sure ? Not sure if I’ve got the heart to stay and fight. Not sure if I have any reserves left.