To me anything I don’t need is junk. Junk needs to be given away or thrown away. We live in a 150m2 apartment plus a 16m2 deck. I don’t have the luxury of hoarding.

Gave away quite a bit today. One lady asked me if I wanted any money for her pancake maker as it’s brand new. Told her no as I’m happy she’s using it.

Another commented that I am generous. The thing is I’m lazy . If I don’t give them away I’ll have to drive the whole lot to the Salvos or Vinnies which to me means more effort. And if they don’t accept them it means I’ll have to ring up the rubbish man to take them away . 

Very happy as found homes for lots of my junk. Still got more to go as I’m still decluttering . Feeling like I’ve made heaps of progress today.

I’m nearly there. Next step is to get rid of my novels. Thought about them whilst I was driving back. When am I going to find time to read them again? Will ring up the local library to see if they want them. 

Guess what I found? 19 lids and only 9 containers . They are not at home as I’ve searched high and low so must still be somewhere at my hidey hole 😩