Walked through a walk way today and heard Elvis piping through a cafe. I stood for a minute to see if I know the title of the song. 

Nothing came to mind eventhough I knew the song. Tonight after dinner I looked for my Elvis CD and played all of the songs to see if it can trigger my memory.

Still nope . I’m senile 😩 

I must be if I’m listening to John Denver 😩

It brings back happy memories. The first song I knew when I came over here was Leaving On A Jetplane . One of my primary school teachers was a Denver fan. 

I should bring the other half back from my hidey hole and file them. My sister gave me all of hers when she moved to the States. Can’t remember the last time I listened to these CDs. 

And Viet ones 

I haven’t bought much since Borders closed down. Used to buy when they had their sales . 

Which reminds me I should visit JB Hifi soonish to add to my collection😍