From the look of things I’ve really only got two free weekends left before our overseas guests arrive not counting this weekend and the next. 

I’m hopeful before then to map out what to do on that Saturday. It’s a bit rushed as they are off to Sydney a day before they were supposed to thus we are a day short.

Melbourne the CBD is divided into many precincts . It’s a lot to squeeze into in less a day. I do know my group will be full of senior cizs so it makes it a bit easier. 

It means the hippier places are out so is graffitied laneways. 

This is one that’s off Bourke St Mall. There’s a bigger one near Fed Square. 

Guess they will be more into these lane ways and arcades. 

And churches and historic buildings.

This is a great interactive map of Melbourne from Melway . You can zoom in and out to look at all of Melbourne . Melway is a map book that all Melbournians used to have before google maps.

Now down to the nitty gritty.

I don’t think I’m going to have time to do a lot with them. Priorities are :

1/ coffee and cake (Brunetti/ Vic market/Emporium) 

Brunetti sells coffee and cakes.

Vic market has a cool coffee place and donuts if we are early enough though I’m worried they’d want a wander through the market and then that’s our day gone.

Emporium have a stand by Zumbo that sells yummy macarons.

2/ lunch

I’m thinking Korean (Yami Yami) or Greek (Stalactites) . Not really sure as I think dad is organising a BBQ. Which means I might take them somewhere to have noodle soup or something.

3/ laneways and arcades . These are the two arcades I’ll be taking them through.

The Block arcade is pictured above.

Then there’s also Centre Place, Hardware Lane, Degraves St.

4/ town hall/ Collins St/ St Patrick’s cathedral/Parliament House/ Flinders St/ Fed Square/Southbank for photos.

5/ the city circle tram (about an hour) It will go around the whole city with stops at various tourist spots . It doesn’t do the art centre or down Southbank way.

And this is a map of its route.

I’m not sure if I want to do the whole loop or only half of it and bypass it by walking. 

As the laneways starts from Flinders and meanders to Lonsdale. 

6/ Queen Victoria gardens as the Botanical gardens are too far out. One thing about Queen Vic gardens is the rose garden, lots of things to see in a small area.

And it’s easy to get to Southbank which is just across the road.

Now the next bit is to drag out my old Melway to photo copy so I can map the route.