Last night we had rice paper rolls and we had the wool pulled over our eyes .

We Viet are very particular about our rice paper. It has to be thin enough to wrap and still have a bit of chewy texture . Not too tough that it doesn’t come apart with each bite and not too soft that it would break. 

Last night was the first time we came across rice paper that’s too thick and it didn’t matter what we did to it, it wouldn’t soften. 

Usually rice paper is soaked in hot water though some brands now you can soak in cold water.

Last night once soaked, it was just like a piece of paper. It didn’t stick , it didn’t roll. You just can’t roll it and you can’t eat it either. 

It got so bad that his niece lit one with a lighter to see if it was fake rice paper or not. May be it was a bad batch? . This morning I thought I’d check mine .

Ooopsies I’ve bought the same brand. If you don’t look carefully you’d be mistaken. The good one has a God, the other one hasn’t . Both product of Viet Nam.

The Thai one is thinner that’s for sure . I’ve already opened both so they are both okie to eat .

Next time I’ll know as I remembered we’d run out and I just couldn’t remember which one was the right one. When you see them on the shelves side by side it’s very confusing .

According to his nieces there’s a new player in the rice paper world. The Three Sisters brand is supposed to be good. Looks like I’ll be trying them out next.