My memory is shocking . It would be nice if I could organise my brains with storage boxes. Some days I just can’t seem to retrieve stuff . And being a pharmacist that’s scary. Especially when I’ve done all of those CPDs ( continuing professional development) about dementia . 

Yesterday was my Scout’s group 20th birthday and I didn’t RSVP thinking I’ll surprise them by turning up.

Well it was a big surprise all right completely forgot all about it. Thinking back how could I have forgotten? I didn’t have much planned this weekend? 

Not that I ever have anything planned. My weekends are filled with chores, groceries and work.

Saturday mornings are for groceries . The kids have their tutoring scheduled then for convenience sake. Hubby works. 

Then the rest of the day is spent at home. I rally the kids to do chores. Sometimes we have dinners to go to or on nice evenings odd trips into the city for a wander, dinner and dessert.

Sundays I work all day at the business. If groceries wasn’t done on Saturday then we’d choose a lunch place in Box Hill to go eat and then do groceries at the same time.

Mostly just fruits, bread, milk , cold meats and vegies for school lunches. The necessities only since I do a major stock up once in a blue moon.

Hubby tends to have the afternoon off playing badminton and it leaves me with a free one as well if I so wishes. 

The kids use their Sunday afternoons to do their homework since they don’t get up til lunch. 

Today I’ll have to work as the next 7 days I’m doing my patisserie course which renders me unavailable. 

This is a video about Alzheimers given by one of the doctors at the hospital .

He’s got that naughty boy look about him and was heaps of fun to work with.