Today was a much better day. My legs less sore. Took home a box of chocolates and macarons. 

I liked making these best. The paper is transfer paper to imprint the chocolates.

Look at all of these ? They are my favourite with passionfruit curd.

We got to eat them as we go along 😍 

The lollipops yesterday got coated in two types of chocolates.

The chocolates were all unmoulded today. Some turned out some didn’t . The tutor explained why. 

The bars came out a treat. 

Our share of the goodies. The pink ones are raspberry jam and ganache. The white ones are coffee flavoured and the yellow, passionfruit.

Came home to find hubby already started dinner. His specialty belly pork and egg casserole. I’m keeping an eye on it though since he always burn his food. I’m trying to reduce it as there’s too much water in there.