No celebrations at our place . Hubby deemed it to be a marketing ploy thus he’s not falling for it. The result was no flowers for me 😩 Though I did get dinner cooked by him.

After dinner I grabbed him for a walk . We did a long round around the neighbourhood. We haven’t walked for a long time . Just too busy and fighting with each other .It’s when we connect through discussions about the kids,  about us. Told him what I thought of his marketing ploy. If you’re not going to buy flowers for me on V day at least buy it on the other days. I don’t get any at all?

Anyhow he said I don’t need flowers and that I need looking after. His idea was him making dinner for me.
Hmmmm where’s the romance in that? I do appreciate my dinner but some flowers would have been a nice addition.

Took this on the way in yesterday. May be it’s still unfinished as the lady at the station (Melbourne Central) told me I can’t take photos .