I’m so very tired. The long days are getting to me so much so I don’t seem to get anything done after class.

Last night dad didn’t pop in so I found myself driving to my parents to give them cakes. Drove down the road to find the police have blocked it rendering me having to do a U turn and detour quite a fair way. Gave a set to my neighbour as well. He’s always letting us park on his side when need be.
Not sure what I’ll be doing next but next week will be used to catch up at the business . I’m very very behind.

Then after that I’ll start accepting volunteering shifts again. I was browsing for more cooking classes last night but might give it a break to get my routine in place.

The hardest bit to staying home all day 7 days a week is to amuse oneself . The days just seem so long and grows longer with each passing day.

I’m not one to sit still and that will be my ultimate downfall.

Received this from my daughter last night. She’s on bunny island somewhere in Japan. How cute are the bunnies?