My day started off badly . Forgot my water bottle. Then absentmindedly boarded the train and forgot to touch on. Thus when I got to the other end the gates wouldn’t let me through .Luckily a gate keeper let me through. 

The train was running late and well I was like what the ?

But the day did get better . My group was not bad today . We had 3 fasties and 1 slowie so overall we got things done. 

We learnt how to make garnishes

How to pipe eclairs 

Blind baked


Perfect ones by the tutor 

Floppy ones by us 😂

These ones had 3 toppings , salted caramel, a milk chocolate and then a chocolate glaze on top.

Once they were cooled down we garnished them.

The thing that surprised me today? My baking skills are still there . It’s like getting back on the bike 20-30 years on and found I can still ride a bike. Not so sure about riding a bike but baking? I nailed it today 😊