Forgot to cancel my alarm . It’s been going off at 6am every morning . 

In a way it’s good. It means I have about 2 hours at the business before it opens. 

Got two facilities done yesterday . Not great but not too bad . I still have facilities A-G then 2 south then 3 home facilities so 12 more to do. Roughly another 170 clients to go through . I managed to get 60 done yesterday.

If this is the case it should take me 4-5 days every week to get them done. Some weeks it will take longer ie 6-7 days as more clients needing stocking up. 

This way it renders me Sunday free to do what I want instead of spending Sunday at the business.


Breakfast and work 


Shower get change and house work. 


Run errands


Cook dinner



In bed making lists.



This will do for now. I’ll have to see how I go . As need to factor in volunteering days and beach days and days where hubby wants some loving and not letting me get up early. 

Then I want to go wandering to take photos , make cards, attend more courses. 

Now to get my head around this.

Hoping to drive down to dump another load at my hidey hole tonight. Tomorrow looks like a beach day forecasted mid 30s . Also want to catch up with my nude beach buddy. Well it would be nice . Haven’t seen him for a year? Or so ? We’ve both been extremely busy. He’s a wanderer thus never around. His family and friends are scattered Australia wide so my guess is he’s somewhere around in Australia at any given time. 

 If not I’ll drive to a different beach (Clifton Springs). Have seen nice photos of it. It’s about 25 minutes from the hidey hole.

The train they mentioned here is called the Blues train. We’ve been and it’s great. It’s an old steam train and it goes at night. 

They sell drinks before you board the train. Dinner is included though not particularly great . Think camp food. 

Then at stops you move around the carriages to listen to the different acts. The artists just stay in the same carriage.