Well who could resist a bargain? Was googling for clocks when I remembered we have a small wall clock at my hidey hole .

So tonight when I drive down I’ll bring it back. It will do us until I find one that I like.

Then it occurred to me we don’t have much space in the shop area . Our staff have a whole cupboard for all of their belongings which could be put to better use.

To give them their own storage I’ve ordered some lockers . That way they can hang their uniform in there without messing up the toilet . 

Photo from internet. 

The lockers are only 300mm wide thus I’ve ordered 3 to fit along the wall where the towel rail used to live 😊 We don’t have that many staff so 6 is more than plenty.

They only come in beige would have preferred grey but then beggars can’t be choosers since they were 45% off with free delivery, all up  $360. Not bad for an afternoon of work 😊