To get to the beach it’s a fair stretch of unsealed road from the esplanade . Guess it stops curious eyes from prying. 

I dread the stretch as it feels very bumpy and in an old car it’s like when am I going to get there? 

Apparently you’ve got to go fast to skip over the corrugations to stop the shaking .This morning my car shook so much thought it was going to go to heaven. 

I couldn’t balance the speed with the control of the car . Felt like I was going too fast losing control of the steering. 

It was nice to catch up with J . He looked the same just older, lankier. He introduced me to one of his clients . It’s funny the people who frequents nude beach. It can be all sorts of people from all walks of life.

From the sound of it I think J wanted to avoid his client but with no success . His client bat for the other team. Told J he’s popular with the boys hehehe.My J is very manly. Think long hair tied back in a pony tail . Unshaven for days. Lanky and full of muscles from being a tradie. A funny guy, softly spoken to add to the mix and you have it, J. 

On the way home I stopped just in time at my favourite spot Little River. At 100kph I thought I’d missed it.

The two photos are taken through my back left window.

Pity it’s all fenced off still pretty from the freeway (emergency lane).