It’s been quite a few days with no clock in our living area. May be my friend is right. It certainly feels much more freer when I glance up and there’s no clock to tell me whether I’m running late or not.

Brought back the small clock for now .

Today is day 11 of being jobless . Somehow I don’t seem to get much done. My diary has only half of the items ticked. 

It’s frustrating that I’m so slow. Last night I rolled up at the business trying to catch up. Wasted the night. 

The problem with it all is if the server doesn’t talk to the slaves my computer doesn’t work.

I gave up after a few gos at rebooting . Hubby tried to fix it but no luck . In the end I had a go on his computer and it took forever. One night and I only managed to dispense a few scripts. It’s like getting stuck in traffic and once in awhile it lets you go . Not only that his bench is much higher than mine as I’m a little 5 foot 2. 

At 10pm I gave up. Told him he needs to fix his intranet as the internet was working.

I’m having breakkie now then off to work. Here’s hoping it’s working this morning as hubby was still at it last night trying to sort out my computer.

Priority today is to make the bed for my oldest. She’s landing tonight at midnight. 

I’d strip her bed when she left and was going to leave her to make it when she comes back. 

Well thought she’d come back at a reasonable hour. Nope , she must have booked cheap flights and thus it means her poor dad will have to drive to the airport at ungodly hours to pick her up. 

Then the next priority is the fridge and pantry. Only managed to clear out bits and pieces. 

Managed to find a cupboard for my baking stuff 😍

I did it by combining the two cupboards into one. 

Also managed to work out a list to buy at the school. Thus will drive in this Saturday or Sunday to buy them. I might give them a ring first to make sure they are opened. 

You can shop online but I need to buy the purées and they are not available online .