Have been meaning to make sausages . Bought one of those sausage machine and well it’s been 1-2 years and it’s still sitting in my pantry like a virgin.

Today I made an effort . Went groceries shopping to at least make the filling for the sausages.

I love Thai sausages thus wanted to do my own version. Easy to say very fiddly to do.

I had to rack my brains to see what would work and how much I’d need.

In the end just used my instinct to make up the recipe.
Dad thought it needed a bit more lemon grass . Hubby was okie with it. I think it’s not bad. Can add more if wanted to.
Next time it will go into a sausage as the rind went all sticky.

Recipe :

1.25kg pork mince (or 1kg pork mince and 250g of pork rind)

1 bunch of rice paddy herb chopped

1 handful of coriander chopped

10 kaffir lime leaves (no stem) cut finely

3 heaped tablespoons shrimp paste

1 tablespoon of sugar

4 teaspoon ground chilli

Into processor and processed finely

2 shallots

4 cloves garlic

2cm knob galangal

2 medium/large stalk lemon grass (sliced first)

Mix everything thoroughly except the pork mince .
Once mixed add in the mince and mix again.

I find by doing that the paste is distributed evenly .