The past few days I’ve been sourcing baking stuff from the internet .

Finally made it back to the school this morning to buy the bulk of them. It costed an arm and a leg but then it will be put to good use if not me then the girls. I also collected my certificate that I forgot last week.

I’m still missing a few items since this morning my mind was wandering. Will have to go back to buy stuff when I’m out and about or just order it online. 

Have popped my hand up for two volunteering shifts next week against my better judgment .

I feel bad when there’s no one to take the clients. And here I’m free sitting around doing nothing. It means those two days are gone. I’d better tie in my errands with next Friday as it’s only a drop off whereas Tuesday it’s a return trip thus it will take the whole day.

Then there’s a strategic planning day next week or week after . I can’t remember now. It’s nice of them to involve us volunteers . The organisation is not for profit hence there’s only a few staff , the rest are volunteers . 

Asked my girl to get me some eye mask to get rid of my bags to find she’s also brought home an expensive eye cream and also possums cuddling each other . Her depiction of her dad and I. How cute are the possums?

Told hubby about them and he was like so which one is me ? Does it have a doodle? 😩 I did look and well..