This morning I was still in bed in lala land when my youngest knocked on the door asking me to drive her to tutoring .

I asked her what happened to the train ? She replied it’s cancelled mum and the next one isn’t til 913am.

I was like bugger. Looked at my phone it was 843am. I’d plan to go to the school to buy my baking stuff and at this rate I’m not going to have time to shower take her and go straight from there .

Tutoring is about 10 minutes away and 5 minutes from the freeway entrance. If I don’t shower it means I’ll have to drive back home then shower then go again which I’m not keen to do .

So what did I do? Jumped in the shower. Quickly changed and took her. We made it there with 1-2 minutes to spare. I was mumbling away as the car in front was so slow.

Was stressed out until I got to the baking school. Well until I had my coffee and breakkie. My kids stresses me out all the time. Always wanting stuff at the last minute and it’s like I want it now. No matter how much I’ve brainwashed them to be more organised . It will be the day when they tell me stuff way in advance . 

On the way there I was thinking may be I should take her every Saturday morning . 9am is an early start . But then the selfish part of me don’t want to offer. She’s old enough to take the train. Plus I want her to learn to be independent . Not every little thing thinking oh mum is free she will take me . If need be I’ll be there to back her up.