Instead of going for a walk or doing groceries I opted for a nap. Which pretty much means there’s no dinner happening at the moment .

It’s 408pm and there’s no bread or lunch meat for school lunches tomorrow . As for dinner I’ll have to whip up something out of what’s around inside my pantry , fridge and freezer .

There’s still some gourd soup left the other day so that’s a bonus.

Looks like it might be a tuna pasta bake again until I get myself into gear .

One good thing I’ve caught up at the business. Some days I can be such a dud . Have figured out a way around it. If I’m to dispense it’s best to do so after the girls have packed as the software can’t predict. 

It only lets me know who needs stocking up on that particular day. Thus if I stock up on Monday and then they pack and the float goes to negative I don’t catch those that do until the week after which means they already owed us a week of tablets .It’s worse when they are on twice daily regimen 14 tablets when a box only has 28 or 30 tablets. 

I’m slowly easing into routine. The house is not getting any cleaner. Been getting slack at nagging the kids to do their chores. 

My chores are getting done every day thus no build ups. The diary is still sitting there half filled .

I will have to be more diligent in filling it so that my days are not wasted. 

Still got to go clean out my fridge. Also sort out my spice drawer. Find a place for them so my baking utensils can have a home . 

I think I’m nearly set up in that department . There will be some serious baking going on after all my buyings are delivered. Bought silicon mats , a thermometer and trays from the internet . I’m excited about the resurrection of baking. Here is hoping it lasts and that I don’t get too fat from eating my own baked goodies. 😍