Having a day off work today and I feel flat as. Haven’t been taking my Vitamin D for months now. Us pharmacists and doctors are pretty bad at compliance. Even hubby giving me advice didn’t help . His idea is that when I remember to take a handful as I’m supposed to take 2 every day. Don’t think my GP will be very happy with me. 

Since I sacrificed my spice drawer for my baking stuff it has nowhere to go.

At the moment it’s sitting on top of the kids’ freezer .

Ordered this rack this morning . Was going to ask hubby to make one for me but knowing him I might have to wait til whenever . Sometimes it’s just easier to order. 

It will go on the wall just where the freezer is. 

Was hoping for it to go on this wall . Problem is it’s a cavity slider wall. 

Have since cleaned my vanity still waiting  to rinse off the bleach for my walk in shower.

Next bit is moping my bedroom . It’s my son’s chore but he’s studying for his VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) this year thus I’ve taken it back. 

Another of our goldie have gone to pet heaven yet again. I’m not going to replace it. Must be the water . Will take the two remaining ones out and clean out the barrel. It’s awful that they keep on dying . After this lot I’m dismantling the whole thing. Can’t believe for years none died and just this year they keep on dropping off like flies. We haven’t done anything different?