It’s always a task to organise everyone. On Friday my youngest told me she had a party on Saturday at 5pm. 

I’d already booked for hubby’s karaoke at 8pm. I asked her why didn’t you tell me before? She replied but I told you like weeks ago?

I was like bugger. I didn’t want to change it to today (Sunday) as the oldest was due to go to work. 

So I told her why don’t you go to the party  anyway and we will pick you up around 6pm? 

Woke up at 520pm and she was still in bed napping ? Asked her why? She replied it’s no point mummy not for half an hour? 

Tried to get the kids to get change, went into the business to find hubby still working . Asked him to hurry up so we can leave by 6pm. He still had deliveries to do and I thought no way . 

After we all got changed I went down to find the neighbour’s guest have blocked the back of my car. Luckily we could still get out since the bins out the front were moveable.

And we did get going just after 6pm. Instead of going on the freeway hubby went through the other way. I wouldn’t have taken that route as there’s tram lines and with one lane it’s an awful route. 

As predicted we hit a traffic jam near Richmond or rather Abbotsford. Another drug overdose. 

It was worse when we got into the city . Our usual car park was unaccessible as the whole street was closed down. There were cars everywhere. I was like what else can go wrong? 

We detoured to the next street looking for a car park place meanwhile my hopes of having a nice relaxing dinner before the singing kind of diminished with each minute. 

Luckily we found one as soon as we turned. It was a 2P before it becomes an unrestricted spot after 830pm. Said to hubby it’s okie. Well as soon as I said that the car at the back inched up on us , signalled to park so we couldn’t parallel park . 

Hubby was like I’m sitting tight we got here first. The kids all turned around and gave the driver a look that could kill. My son gestured to tell him to go around us.

In the end he left after a long while seeing we wouldn’t budge . By then it was near 7pm. I was getting more stressed as it meant we only had less than an hour to eat before having to make our way to the karaoke place.

Anyhow as we turned the corner we found out why they had closed down the streets . There was a Greek festival on . One glance and I thought oh no. Our favourite Greek restaurant have increased it size by double or triple. I saw lots of people sitting there with no food on their tables . Which meant the kitchen was going crazy  and no way would we be able to find a table and served within the hour. 

Hubby looked at me we can always have street food? We ventured through bravely . All the souvlaki stands had lines a mile long. I was like let go to Supper Inn.

I was looking forward to having Greek but looks like nope it’s not happening . 

Thank goodness everyone was at the festival thus there was no line at Supper Inn. We got in seated and ordered pretty much straight away. 

It was close to 730pm when the last dish came out. In the end asked my oldest to ring the place to say we were running late. We left the restaurant around 805pm. 

The kids wanted to go grab loukoumades for dessert. By that time I was like I give up. As I’d booked only from 8-11pm . It meant if we are running late we have less singing time. 

Left the kids at the festival and got there only to find out we had the room til 330am . It’s because when you book for 3 hours you pay the maximum rate of the whole night. 

I was like what the ? After all that? Why didn’t you tell me? 

Then our oldest came running in to ask me to come back out as the security wouldn’t let our youngest in as she’s got no ID on her . 

Came out thinking may be because she’s underage . Nope they just wanted to see that I was the mum. 

We had fun singing . It’s an eye opener listening to the kids sing. The girls liked rap and my son well he was singing November Rain and Bon Jovi.

The girls were much better singers as they are musically inclined . Him not so much. When he was younger I was worried he’d break his guitar strings as he’d pluck them that hard. Come to think of it he’s only broke them once all these years. 

We finally left just after 11pm . The kids wanted to , they were getting tired. As we got closer to the car I was thinking here is hoping we didn’t get a ticket. As when we left I was that wound up didn’t remember  if it was a 2P or a 2P metered.

I was right . It was a 2P metered. Someone must have been looking out for us. No pink ticket on our windscreen. Thank goodness for that . 

Eventhough it was one of those nights, we got some family bonding happening . It’s precious as they are getting older each with their own plans and I can only envisage it will get even more harder to have everyone in the one room.