Opted to take the train to Box Hill for groceries . This way I get my steps in plus I need my dose of the sun. 

It’s hot hot 34C at the moment. Asked my youngest how hot it was outside and her reply was it’s hot , really hot mummy. 

My son, topless bearing his skin and bones, added it’s hot like me.

Made them google up when was the next train. In two minutes mum. No I meant the one after ? You’ve got more than 10 minutes to catch it.

My poor legs can’t make it in two minutes.

Off to grab groceries for tonight’s dinner. Am thinking baked salmon rice paper rolls but then anything can change til then. Will see what’s available and what I feel like eating . 

Will need to grab lunch meat as well. The kids bought bread on the way home from school so it’s pretty much what goes inside the sandwich that I have to worry about.