Hubby was telling me at lunch about our oldest’ traveling companions. So thought I’d ask her at dinner just to have a dig.

She was like out of her three companions she would only travel with one. E one of her kinder friends apparently can look after herself. I knew already but I wanted her to elaborate on the other two. 

It seemed K her new friend can’t look after herself. She’s slow, she can’t keep up and she wanders off by herself . Not only that she left her passport at a shop.

As for C her other kinder friend was really messy . She was like mum she left her stuff everywhere.

After hearing it I laughed. Who do they remind you of? You left your keys on the train just recently? As for leaving stuff ảound you do it all the time?

I don’t anymore mum I’m a changed person . And I’m very careful when I’m in another country .

It’s funny that she had to put up with her friends . In a way it’s good as it makes her more aware of others.

I know E’s family and I know they travel quite extensively like us so I’m glad she’s found a good travel companion. 

We’ve always travelled with the kids ever since they were small. They all know the drill so it’s not foreign to them. Every time we go they each get a list and a suitcase. They have to pack their own stuff and be responsible for their case. 

They know I set the alarm for early flights and it’s 1,2,3 and we are out of there. 
Everything is packed the night before only a change of clothes is left out. In the morning they get 30 minutes to brush their teeth, go to the loo, get change and everything into the case and off we’d go. 

I’m happy that she made it back safe and sound and extra happy that she’s now a different person with regard to her mess. Not sure about that though as this morning found her bowl with an avocado seed in it in my pantry 😩

How cute is this? Made by my youngest . She was a bit upset that everything fell off. She said see mum? How fat the legs are? I made sure I made them fat. 

And the pink bit? It’s the tongue. The little round balls are the toes.

It was in one piece when I got it and it broke on the way home. 

The frog is made out of fondant 😊