Recently in Australia they’ve decided to cut penalty rates. Thus if you work on Sundays or public holidays you’d get 1.5 not 2 like before.

The thing is for some stupid reason in the olden days they grouped us pharmacists as retail and not allied health. By doing that our wage never increased as much as the other allied health did. On top of it all we are seen as glorified shop keepers.

Wages are so low that lots of pharmacists are leaving the profession. Why would you work for $32 an hour ( experienced) and even worse $26 an hour for newly qualified ones when Aldi pays $20+ for their cashiers? 

I’d rather take a few dollars less an hour than be lugged with all the responsibilities, going home with headaches every night.

5 years of schooling for this ? Now with penalty rates slashed what’s the point?

I haven’t worked Sundays or public holidays for years as I was a casual. 

At our business we don’t open on those days either . Reason being we needed a family day and also we can’t afford to pay the penalty rates. Our staff are hired as pharmacists in charge as they are expected to work and manage the business by themselves if need be .

Ultimately it was more the case of if your staff calling sick you’re it. 

It’s a sad sad day. I know I do it for the love of it.