They should rename the days of the week to day 1 day 2 for people who stays at home. To us every day is the same. 

Sundays have no meaning to us. It’s just another day. 

Gave one of my cakes away this morning to the first bidder as no way can we finish two cakes in a few days. Guess could always donate it to our staff for morning tea tomorrow.

Have had breakkie. Went into FB last night to find mum posted an old photo. I first thought it was of her cousin’s. I know he was in a band as was his wife. 

I was wrong . It was of my maternal uncle. He died in the Viet Nam war two weeks before I was born. He’d be 72 this year. 

My grandma who have since passed was never the same after he died. A piece of her went with him. 

He’s the one on the right looking in. I can see the family’s resemblance now that I’ve looked at it a few times. 

I should be more involved in our family’s story. Now that my grandma’s passed the older living member is my mum’s uncle in Canberra whom I’ve never met.

I know mum is trying to piece it all together as she spent weeks with my grandma before she passed to get as much information out of her as possible.

After mum’s generation I’m the oldest of my generation on both sides. My parents are not getting any younger. Perhaps now that I’ve got more time I can help mum with her project of getting it all together. 

I don’t know much about our family on either side. I just assumed the responsibility lies with my parents. 

The thing is our family is strewn all over the world with the war. Only mum’s immediate family is here in Australia with us. Her cousins are all overseas with exception of the ones in Canberra.

As for dad his extended family is in the US and his half siblings are in VN.