Very happy today and thus I cooked.

Went to Camberwell to see if I can find my utensils. 

Ended up with a Bamix instead. $239 down to $139 😊

Then went to Box Hill to go buy my utensils to find they were down to $7.45 each 😊 

Found some nice looking ribs so this is what I’m cooking for dinner. 

Two hours later it’s nearly there. My legs are sore as from standing two hours straight.

Just waiting for the float to finish cooking. 

The float is made up of boiled shrimps then processed plus a jar of sauce (minus the oil) and eggs. 

The other jar of sauce I used to sautee the garlic and tomatoes. 

Limes were juiced and popped in instead of tamarind . Just easier. Luckily my oldest came home from camp with some lemons from her friend’s place. I just needed one more. 

Shallots went in with the ribs to make the stock.

It was yummo..

Dinner for tomorrow sorted as well since we only finished half or less 😊