I’m so tired I need to go to bed soon despite having a nap in the afternoon . What did I get up to today?

Washed 4 loads of clothes. Washed the dishes . Made dessert .

Was craving glutinous rice.

The most simple dessert ever . I panfried the sesame seeds and peanuts before I left for lunch. 

Made the coconut milk and the glutinous rice just before dinner. 

Then my youngest came through the door at 6pm to tell me mum I’m really hungry . 

Luckily everything was ready except for the soup. So up it went on the stove to be reheated . 

We had just enough for the five of us . Dad dropped by so offered him some dessert plus take away for him and mum.

Then at 730pm hubby’s niece’s daughter dropped in. Asked her if she’s had dinner . She answered no. I was like what the? She’s been staying with us every week overnight but lately she doesn’t come regularly so I haven’t left food for her . 

Usually when I cook for the night there’s always left overs but tonight we were eating left overs there’s not much left.

Found half a bowl of vermicelli left from last night. It was reserved for my son.  Usually he’d have two bowls . Today he only had 1.5 bowls. Into the microwave it went. Then rummaged the freezer, found some prawn dumplings and rolls to pop into the soup as we ran out of float and ribs . Only thing left was tomatoes and little bits of floats. 

Told her if she was still hungry that there was dessert. 

Food aside we went to Ikea today. Hubby needed to buy a table for his vaccination room.

I bought a bin for my oldest as I used her bin for the new kitchenette. 

We ended up having lunch at the food court. It was okie . I gave half of my laksa to hubby. Trying to eat less. He had sushi as well as my laksa. Then we drank from my water bottle. I tend to always have one in my back pack when I’m out and about . It saves me buying water. Water is expensive $3-3.50 a bottle. 

Afterwards we went to buy fruit at Signorelli. Was waiting in the car, as we only had a 15 minutes spot, to see the butcher across the road has a website . It’s very rare to see something like that over here.

Apparently you can order and he will deliver. How cool is that? I might start ordering if that’s the case. He’s got good meat.

I don’t tend to go to him as he’s a fair distance from us . 


Then it was off to Westfield to JB so hubby can buy a wireless security camera for the vaccination room. It’s more for him to keep an eye on the front of shop to come out and help more than anything .

He’s wondering how to set it up as it’s wifi . Might have to enlist the help of the kids he thinks. 

Whilst he was in JB I went to the fruit and vegies as was worried my lettuce and tomatoes would wilt in the heat so didn’t get him to buy it at Signorelli’s. 

Came home and had a nap. And that was my day. 

This Saturday will mark my 4 weeks at home . 
I’m slowly settling into routine . It is still hard trying to account for my days. Like today I feel like I have wasted a day. A wasted day is when it’s spent on chores and groceries and nothing else.

I know we went out to do stuff today still it felt like yes he’s getting somewhere whereas I didn’t get anywhere. 

One thing for sure I think my family needs me at home. May be it’s time I’m less selfish and stay home. I know by doing so I take the load off hubby. He doesn’t have to cook anymore.