It felt like it this morning. I couldn’t recall what day it was. In my mind it was all a blur. Guess that’s what happens when you stay home all the time. Every day is just the same unless you’ve got something on.

This morning I upgraded my blog to premium . Yes siree this blog is now permanent. Will have to write even more to keep my mind from wandering.

Last night dad popped by after deliveries. My parents would never ask for help but if offered they will take help. Their friends are coming this Saturday so hubby offered to get food catered for one of the nights to save dad from cooking.

Dad was like thank goodness as I can’t figure it out. Originally their plans was to ask a friend to cook for them for next Monday with payment of course. Well that friend have since buggered off to Japan for a holiday and at the last minute too since they asked her ages ago. Her excuse was cheap flights.

Anyhow we will order for them a few dishes to have with rice . Van Mai in Richmond makes great canh chua cá kho tộ which is sweet and sour soup and fish and belly pork hot pot. We will also order stir fried water spinach to have with the two signature dishes and some stuffed chicken wings as entree for them.

Hubby originally wanted to go to Footscray to grab them grilled venison for rice paper rolls and canh chua steam boat. I stepped in and told him no. It’s because not only Footscray is further away they’ve been traveling all this time with no rice in them. When you go traveling you don’t want to eat fancy stuff. You crave home cooked comfort food.

For a Viet it means rice and some dishes to go with it. They won’t be back til late Monday night since they will be traveling along the Great Ocean Road which is a few hours there and back.

We will pop the rice on for them and go pick up the food once they are near to Melbourne. That way once they get home they can have dinner without the hassles of cooking. So that’s dinner sorted for Monday.

Working backwards on Sunday they are off to Bruno’s garden. My parents have asked us to tag along since hubby’s nephew will be driving them. The thing is I don’t know if we can. Since Monday is a public holidays our staff are not going to be able to pack ahead in time thus hubby need to help them pack.

Dad wanted a BBQ for dinner on Sunday night and have asked my sisters to help with salads and dessert. My youngest sister can bake so she’ll bake. My other two sisters have young kids so they won’t be able to contribute much which means me being the family’s cook and the oldest it falls on me. Unless I prepare ahead which I can’t as I’m spending my Saturday playing tour guide for them.