Have always hated what money stands for. Stands for the ugliness of our society. People act differently when there’s money involved and that includes me. I’m no different. I wish I was.

I hate to fight about money. Have always been like that . I know if need be I’m willing to start again. I like to think I too have the resilience of my parents . My parents did start again . We came here with nothing but clothes on our backs. Talking to my friend the other day he said the same . He said if he comes out of the divorce with nothing so be it. It’s just like his time in the refugee camp. Just start again. 

No matter how I hate it I know having it means I don’t have to worry about paying our bills . I can pay them on time. I can go out and buy stuff and not worry that the item is $1 or $10 more than the shop next door. Not that I do since I only buy when they have a sale on . Or I buy because I know I can’t source it anywhere else and thus price is irrelevant .
We’re not rich. We’re just comfortable . We’ve got enough to pay the bills and go on holidays every two years. That is if nothing goes wrong. If it does then there’s no holidays.

We have two old cars . They are both as old as our youngest 13 going on 14. Mine have done over 200,000kms nearer to 250,000kms. Hubby just a bit less. We both love our cars. I don’t really want a new one. It’s not important . My car gets me from A to B and it has AC and heater and that’s plenty.

We also have old furnitures as there’s nothing wrong with them just a scratch here and there. Though our dining chairs needs rewebbing and reupholstering . They are starting to sag as they are about 18 years old now. I’ve asked and it costs around 5-6K to get them done so I’m still thinking is it worth it? That 5-6K can be better spent on a holiday. 

I know having money is like having a buffer. It means if something goes wrong you are buffered at least until the money runs out. 

I know it means I have the luxury of staying at home and not having to go to work. And if I do go to work I can pick and choose the positions I want because they need me more than I need them.

I know I hate it with a vengeance but it serves its purpose . I’d never be its slave.