Couldn’t sleep so might as well get up. Woke up from a nightmare. It means my mind is unsettled . I haven’t had them for awhile. 

At dinner the other night we tried to tell our son how important it is to study hard this year to get the highest scores possible. We told him it will give him the opportunity to study whichever course that he wanted. Pursue anything. 

Our son meanwhile tried to argue that there are other pathways available and that’s not the only pathway that he can take.

This is a kid that was speech delayed when he was younger. A kid that when I took to the paediatrician was diagnosed as being in the Autistic spectrum. A kid that had an IQ of a grade 6 child when he was only 5. A kid that is loving and still comes up to give me hugs despite him being 18 turning 19 this year.

We tried to make him see that being a minority you always have to be better than the next person. It doesn’t matter where you are . You need to be the best . You need to work harder than anyone else to get anywhere.

We told him we didn’t want him to end up on struggle street. To earn minimum wage and wondering when his next meal is going to be as we are not here forever to support him.

We gave him examples . One of our staff. She struggles. She’s about to rent as her husband have just passed away. Her rent equals nearly half of her wage. Which means she has about $350 a week to live on. To pay bills , petrol and food .It means she will be living from pay to pay with nothing saved.

We gave him another example. One of our juniors. He’s studied and gained top scores a few years back. He’s now studying a double degree aspiring to be a patent lawyer.
He’s working at our business, tutoring our son and coaching a team. Not only that he’s just bought his first investment property. He’s what you’d call a nice kid, an all rounder from a good family. He’s only 20 turning 21. 

We told him look just study and then you can decide what you want to do after. 

I’m still worried about him. I remembered I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was his age. Mum suggested pharmacy and since I loved chemistry I decided to plough ahead.

I know my son. He’s one of those that has no ambition. He just does enough to get by. He’s also easy going and once an idea gets into his head that’s it.

Ever since he was younger he’s always been fascinated with bright things , flashing lights , fires. I was worried that he’d end up being a firebug.

That fascination turned into fireworks. He’s told us he wanted to be a pyrotechnician. We thought it was just a passing fancy. 

May be it’s time to pursue that pathway .May be we can use it as a carrot dangling in front of him. If he studies he can go for his pyrotechnics licence.

I need to sit down with him to talk. I think I know where he’s coming from because he’s my mini me just in the male form. 

One thing for sure may be this is why things turned out the way it did. I didn’t want to be jobless but may be I needed to be. I needed time to pull my family together . 

I’ve always thought the kids were okie. At a young age we made sure they studied . We’ve never been helicopter or tiger parents. 

The kids were taught to be independent and that was that. They’ve studied may be not top of the class but can be if only they’d studied harder.

I’ve always brought them up wanting them to be all rounders not just academics yet the school system demand just that . They want kids with the highest scores possible😩