Years ago the supermarkets brought in trolleys that could only be used by inserting a $1 or $2 coins ie a gold coin.

It was supposed to get rid of abandoned trolleys on the streets surrounding the stores.And it did. Not a single trolley anywhere to be found. 

Thus earlier this year I was really surprised to find Woolies have scrapped the idea and their trolleys are now just plain trolleys. As in no need for coins . Whereas Coles still kept their coin operated trolleys.

It’s nice in that I didn’t have to rummage for a dollar coin to use a trolley. Not that it mattered as parking costed a dollar so either way you’d still need a dollar regardless.

I remembered thinking to myself I wonder how long it would last? Well it didn’t last . It’s only the beginning of March and well found 3-4 abandoned trolleys from one end of the street to the other. 

Guess we will have to go back to using coin operated ones like naughty children. The thing is Box Hill is an Asian area . Good luck in trying to instil order 😊 unless it involves money 😊