Guess staying at home is not so bad. I wake up to a nice and clean kitchen every morning . I’m not as tired or haggard as when I was working . My legs less sore. 

Now that Autumn is here it’s nearly time to book myself in to get my veins sorted. I’m looking forward to wearing shorts and skirt again next Summer. 

I’ve had varicose veins for years. This last year or so it’s looking horrendous . They’ve popped out like little worms underneath my skin. Not only unsightly my legs are really sore at the end of the day. 

I’m quite self conscious about them and have been wearing jeans or a long dress this Summer to cover them up. 

That’s one of the reasons why I quit work as well. Those concrete floors are unforgiving on my veins. 

Anyhow at least working at the business I can sit down to put scripts through.

I’m still not at my ideal weight as yet. Have popped back up to 50kg. Those two last kilos are a pain.

Was hoping to be less heavy before I go for the procedure .

Every time I think of food I’ve been thinking about my veins. I need them done .
Yesterday I bought some chicken ribs to BBQ today so dinner is sorted . 

Today I’m off to the city for a wander. I need to keep my exercise up . And since the gym is out of bounds I’ve only really got the city and the parks .

I might detour and visit Church St. It’s a street filled with homeware and furniture stores. It’s my idea of heaven on earth. 

It stretches from Swan down to near the river. 

From where we are I need to change trains at Burnley for an extra stop or I can get off at Burnley and walk. Church St is only about 10 minutes walk up Swan St.

Then I’ll catch a tram into the city for a well craved souvlaki. 

Swan St is where Dominos pizza is. You can see the train lines  running through near the corner of it. The Burnley tunnel (freeway ) connecting East and West just below them. 

There’s trams running on Swan and Church as well. It’s an awful suburb to get to as it’s only one lane either way due to tram tracks and on street parking.

Cremorne used to be a poorer suburb with warehouses . Now you can’t get in as the converted townhouses are in the millions. 

The charm of Cremorne is the narrow streets . From one block to the other is a minute walk. It’s fairly close to the city and the bonus of the river right there. 

The frustrating thing about Cremorne is the trams and traffic jams. Unless you’re a fitness freak that cycles everywhere or take public transport it takes forever to get around.

I only ever visit on public transport either that or on weekends I’d park miles away on Swan and walk in.

The streets are mostly one ways and very narrow thus even if you manage to score a park there’s no way to manoeuvre out of your park. It’s crazy . They are that narrow that if they allow parking the through traffic can only fit one car barely. You really have to watch to not scratch the cars parked .