I have to give it to Amazon. Good marketing skills. I’ve been trying to source a confectionery funnel. Today it gave me one that actually ship to Australia.

Now if you live in this down under country of ours you’d know it’s extremely frustrating to buy online😩

Most company don’t ship to Australia which means you’d need to have a US address then to pay the freight company to send to Australia.

Which means anything in the hundreds in freight charges .

Unless it’s something that I really wanted that I can’t source here that I’d buy online. 

I’m a touchy feely person . I like to see the product and feel it first before I buy. 

Back to the confectionery funnels Amazon have filtered it so I only see the ones that they’d ship to Australia only. 

How cool is that? Though the one I wanted I can source here at a premium price. The small one will do me though