We got on the train and that was when he hit me.

I was like what the? I woke up early to go with you and this is what you’re repaying me with? 

He told me that his friend is coming over from VN in a week or two. Okie so that’s fine enough . 

Then he got to the next part. Oh by the way I’m following him back for 10 days.

Say that again? So when is this happening ? End of next month. So have you booked staff to work ? Oh no not yet.

The thing is our son is doing his year 12 and we weren’t going anywhere this year so he could study . Yeh right . 

I’m more than upset . I’m livid. 

So what do I do now? Follow him back like a jealous wife? Or don’t give a sh..t and stay here? 

I guess I could tell him no I don’t want you to go full stop. 

His excuse is that his mum is old and frail and he wants to go visit her.

From what I can see also to go partying with his filthy rich mates. I can’t even imagine what they get up to. Drinking parties and girls . Women are like bottom rung of the ladder over there. 

If I stop him then what does that make me ?