In the end I decided to send him an SMS..

I think you should wait til end of year to go visit mum. You’re always insisting that we don’t go anywhere whilst he’s doing year 12 . Well what are you doing going back there now? Why can’t you wait til Nov when he finishes? It’s not like it’s that long? It’s already March-April. I’m very upset about it all.

Spent the afternoon sleeping , bawling my eyes out. 

Took me forever to get dinner ready . Wasn’t in the mood for cooking.

Trying out a new recipe and well I tend to change things around a bit.

Chicken breast baked on a bed of spinach , stuffing mix and grated Parmesan cheese.

Then topped with cream of mushroom sauce.

We ended up having dinner at 530pm. At dinner he told me that he’s not going. He said you’re right. It’s not fair. I’ll go once he’s finished his exams. See I do listen to you? 

You’d made me upset. Why did you have to wait til I say something ? Why couldn’t you do it on your own accord? He was like I’m not that good . You give me too much credit. 

Anyhow emotionally I’m very tired of it all. He swore that he’s got no girl over there. The thing is even if I trust him I don’t trust any girl over there. If they can couple with a 70 years old to come over here what chance have I got that they won’t go after him?

He’s very quick to fix my wardrobe tonight . May be he was trying to get back into my good books? 

I took the bottom rod out as I have no need for it thus the divider moved outwards and all my shelves and drawers kept on falling off. 

Guess he’s redeemed himself though I think I might milk it a bit. 

The spice rack people have popped my rack in the post. It should come any day now. I was going to ring them tomorrow if I didn’t hear from them. It’s now been 13 days. On their website they said 7 days to make and deliver 😩

My chairs should come this week also .

Tomorrow we are off to the rental so the agent can quote us how much they can rent it out for. I’ll pop by the school to buy more ingredients and moulds. 

My baking drawer is chocker block. Oh well. The girls are having fun baking with my stuff . At least it’s put to good use.

One thing I learnt today marriage is damn hard. The other thing don’t ever assume the other person think like you do. Because they don’t .