My goodness me. I think I need another sausage at this rate 😊. I entered the wrong end and thus thought I was in the wrong place. I meant wrong floor. 

It took me 2 flights of ramps to get to the entrance. Not to mention a fair walk from my car in. 

Yes it’s Costco all right . They’ve got bagels.

Just looking at the food make me sick. How can someone finish such a big pizza? 

Had a browse. The fresh produce are from Australia. I bought a bag of grapes. 

Found cheap avocado oil 😍

Didn’t know these existed? Bulla is one of my favourite ice cream brands. I was very tempted to buy a box but forgot my Eski in hubby’s car. 

Only went in to buy these . Came out with two boxes, avocado oil, dark chocolate, almond meal, frozen berries, grapes and coconut rolls. 

One good thing it’s big enough to do rounds in Winter when it’s cold and wet 😂