To do. I want to keep busy so I don’t think about stuff .

Expiries for this year is done. Did some yesterday and finished off this morning.

Next lot our repeats box . Had so much trouble trying to locate repeats of clients that I was going nuts. The box was overflowing and when there’s a few clients waiting it’s frustrating.

I’m going to make them a folder each with their names printed out. Will also split them into two. Side by side with a divider. That way it’s easier to find .

Which means today I’ll try and pop into Office Works to find A5 dividers to alphabetically sort them. 

Hubby wasn’t too keen saying it’s too much work. It’s not. I’ll do them for him. 

I’m Miss Fix It at our place. Now that I don’t work externally I’ve got more time to do housekeeping stuff at the business.