Why do we have them? 

Our oldest was watching a movie at the dining table at lunch . I asked her to either put her head phones on or go elsewhere.
I also asked her why is she working so much. She worked three shifts this week. Friday night 6-11pm yesterday all day 9-5pm and today 4-11pm again. Then there were late nights from her committee meetings. 

Told her to concentrate on her studies as if she fails again the HECS fees will increase. HECS is the fee for the university course.

I don’t think it was unreasonable. Our apartment is divided into two. The kids at one end and us the other.

She then got upset and told me if we’d fix the internet then she wouldn’t be out in our end. And that she’s been studying so get off her case.

I told her if she’s got any problems to go see her dad. Her dad is in charge of the internet.

She stomped to her room.

What have we created? An entitled kid? It’s my biggest fear. I hate spoilt brats.

Have since texted her solutions to her problem.

1/ move out

2/ go sign a contract and pay for her own internet.

3/ I do not wish to live with ungrateful kids.

4/ we’ve got bigger problems to deal with. Gave her reasons why we are stressed out. The speed of the internet is the least of our worries.

Here is hoping she thinks about it. I also expect an apology .