I slept and slept. I just didn’t want to wake up . My throat is a bit sore . Hopefully I haven’t caught anything from our guests . They were pretty crook when they left us last week . Mum’s gotten sick. I’ve been okie just tired . Endless tired. 

Need to get up to cook dinner. Wonton noodles tonight . Just something easy. 

My stock is my saviour . Will defrost a box. The kids can help me with the wontons once I’ve marinated the mince. 

It’s not much I can do it myself but I want them to learn . That way they know how to make it when I’m not there. Plus it teaches them patience. 

Then it’s blanching the egg noodles and vegies , wash the coriander and I’m done.

Have washed my volunteering Tshirt and rain jacket as got caught in the rain this morning. All ready for tomorrow . 
Have also accepted another shift for next week . I’m to buddy up again. It’s great that we are buddying up as it gives the newbies confidence to do it themselves . I didn’t get to buddy up when I started as I was one of the original volunteers of the program.