We didn’t have any left. Well one but it was going brown and due for the freezer for when one of the girls make banana bread.

Since my train expressed to Box Hill I ended up doing groceries.

There’s like half a dozen bananas sellers,  green grocers plus Asian groceries you’d think I’d be able to find some? 

Nope they were either too green or on the way out.

Managed to find some decent looking ones in Woolies, a supermarket at $2/kg. Took me awhile to choose them. That’s all I ended up with. The kids eat them like there’s no tomorrow .

I also got lunch for us. Dan Dan noodles which is a Sichuan dish. They make their noodles fresh there and it’s then topped with mince pork, cucumber, pickles and a peanut and sesame sauce. It’s quite tasty and a bit spicy . 

The dumplings are vegetarian filled with vermicelli , eggs, cabbage , garlic chives served with ponzu sauce with chilli. 

I bought both to eat but don’t think we will finish as they are big serves. Will leave left overs for the kids to have as snack.

I must have caught one of the newer trains back. First time I see this. The older trains have seats that’s then folded up to allow wheel chair access. Now it’s a designated wheel chair space. May be they only have it in certain carriages ? Like the first or last carriage ? As I saw 4 spaces two on either side.