No nap today , no nap today. Feel like singing that jingle. I didn’t end up having one. Hubby reckons with all the naps I’ve been having my body is now used to it.

That’s why. Seems like he’s got the answer to everything.

It’s 908pm. Oldest nowhere in sight. She didn’t come home for dinner. Apparently she’s got a new boy. Caught them holding hands when they thought they were safe out of the house.

Hmmm and she was telling me she wasn’t dating this year . At least he’s tall and big built. Her previous guys were shorties.

Told her look we’ve got the short gene. You’ve got to dilute it out a bit or else your kids are going to be short. 

Anyhow I’m glad she’s dating again. She was pretty disillusioned about love for a while. Told her to keep on looking, you just haven’t found the lid for your pot as yet. 

Hubby is furiously studying . He’s got two modules to do. One is a two thousand words essay or something .

The two younger ones are in bed or pretend to be. Here’s hoping they’ve done their homework.

It’s only another week and a bit of school left before the break and so they are a bit antsy. They won’t go back til after Easter. 

This term have flown. It means it’s time to pay for their next term’s tuition. The two younger ones both do music and my boy have a tutor. My girl a maths tutoring class every Saturday. 

That was the deal. Deal was they go to a public school and we get to go on an overseas holidays every two years. They then get to have an extracurricular activity whether music or sport. 

Over here public school you only have to pay for books and uniforms . Nowadays a notebook as well. And all the incursions and excursions. When they are older you have to pay for the electives.

Still it’s much cheaper , roughly 1-2K each as opposed to paying 10K for a Catholic school or 25K+ for a Grammar school. 

They both are doing okie. Not brilliant but okie for which I’m thankful for. If they had all gone to private school not sure if I could stomach mince or worse still chicken wings every night. 

I’m lying in bed . Will get up soon to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I tend to have another shower to cool myself down. That way I sleep better. Plus it’s still too early . If I go now I’ll wake up around 3am. 

No plans tomorrow. Hubby will be off to the rental on his motorbike . That way he can get there quicker . Not sure what to do with myself. I might go for a walk.