Told hubby how sleepy I was and how very tired I was lately.

He was like you need an injection . You know I’m now qualified to give injections? You know you always feel better after it?

His idea of an injection is wham wham wham and bam bam bam and more bam bam bam so that the thank you mam takes about an hour to come. Okie I’m exaggerating may be half an hour.

When you’re lying there thinking when is it going to end? Half an hour feels like an hour.

His idea is since he only get to inject me once in awhile he makes sure he takes advantage of it and prolong it as long as possible . 

Yes sirree for the times he can’t have me. It’s not like once a month. It’s a thrice weekly injection when I’m agreeable or a twice weekly one when I’m not. 

You’d think..may be I do need an injection. May be it will brighten up my mood. May be I’ll feel sexier.