Made myself stayed awake. Have gone to Officeworks. Bought some staples for hubby and sticky tape and A5 folders.

Bought these for us. I find it fits school photos nicely so bought one of each colour for the kids.

Whilst there I popped next door to get lights for my car. The right side keeps on blowing its globe. No idea why? The left never had a problem. Bought two so I have an extra. 

Then made myself go groceries shopping . Tonight is just going to be salmon hot pot again with blanched broccoli . My 15 minutes meal. 

Don’t think I’ll make it to the lecture tonight. I feel a bit yonked out.

Have received an email to say next Wednesday my shift have been cancelled . Then found another from my supposed buddy asking to be my buddy should another shift come up. It was really sweet of him and it made me smile 😊

Bought a Pandan sponge for dessert. I don’t know what they do to it as it’s really light and fluffy. Do they bake it or steam it? 

I’m in bed again. I think it was time sleep win though I’ve done really well holding out from 1119am til now 437pm.

I just need to nap or else no dinner tonight. I’ve prepped the broccoli but not the salmon.