In my younger days I was bored and restless and yes I watched soapies.

Now that I’m older I can’t stand them. I have no time for them and well can’t stand the over dramatised he loves her she doesn’t love him he leaves her she commits suicide .

Jeez people if you love someone tell them. If they don’t return it go find someone else.

Was catching up at the business when hubby started to watch his Korean soapies. 

All I could hear was girls crying . They are dubbed ones in Viet . Just listening to it drives me up the wall.

Gave up after doing a facility . Couldn’t work with all that wailing going on. What’s wrong husband ? why are you leaving me? More wailing. My goodness me and you know what’s worse ? I can’t believe my husband is watching these series ? It’s the pits .

But then what do I expect? Even my dad is addicted to them. Mum complains all the time . Now I know how frustrating it is. 

I should remind him about his homework 😂 His 2000 words essay 😂

Found these on my bench.

A customer dropped them off to us. Picked from her garden.

Dinner tonight. Was going to make Thai green curry then changed my mind. This was just easier. Battered flat head tails with a sweet and sour sauce to have with salad and rice .

I was frying in the heat when my youngest walked in and announced she doesn’t like battered fish 😩 Have since told her the alternatives are last night left overs or instant noodles. 

Kids don’t you want to just adopt them out some days? 😩