Losing track of time again.

It’s 517am and I’m up. Can’t sleep so might as well be up. Just fetched me a raisin toast and an instant.

Need to pop into the business this morning to catch up. From the look of last night I’ve got about 2 hours of work.

Today was supposed to be beach day. Oh well didn’t quite get there. 

Didn’t even get around to washing my dishes last night. 

The only thing that got done yesterday was the under the house storage. I’ve finally got it sorted out. 

Plans for today:

After breakkie I will go into the business to do some work. 

I want to get it all done this morning. Then I’ll pack up my car with stuff for the hidey hole. I might still drive down there tonight. Will see how I feel. 

1/ wash the dishes from last night

2/ clear the fridge 

3/ wash the throw rugs and cushion covers

3/ make cards 

4/ CPDs carried over from yesterday not done.

5/ IKEA undies compartment since I’ve used our old ones to house the CDs. Still two minds about it as do we really need them?

6/ stain the new window for my oldest . She’s supposed to do them but don’t think that’s ever going to happen. 

7/ sort out my receipts and inbox. It’s over flowing.

8/ book the dentist 

9/ book the specialist to have my veins checked out. No hurry I just need them done by end of Winter. I’m still not at my ideal weight. Been snacking lately I think I might have popped it all back on.

10/ stools hunting. Found some the other day in Costco.

They looked a bit bulky though . We need something more stream lined.

This is more what I’m after. Something a bit more compact. They looked expensive.

This week mark my 6th week being at home. I feel like I’m fighting it all the way. I don’t want to slip into the old shell. The one where I lose all of my self confidence . The one that moped around all day with no purpose in life.
And so I keep busy.