I love waking up early and I’m the only one up. Today is of no exception. I’m the first one up and about.

Have gone into the business and I’ve caught up. I didn’t have as much to do as anticipated. I finished up around 730am.

Thus the next three days I’m free to sort out the house, run errands and of course beach time. 

Trying to find a shade for the rental. This is the present shade. It’s white and dirty as. When we bought the house we thought well it’s a rental so what. The thing is we are trying to attract high end renters . That way they keep the house in good condition and we get good rent.

I’m thinking of replacing that white shade with one of these metal ones. I like the bottom right one. 

It’s just nice and well it is a factory conversion after all. 

If I can go all out I’d go for this one. It’s $450 a pop 😩

From memory I think I’ve got a whole box full of light fittings (factory) from when we renovated the business.

They look a bit like these ones. They don’t look too glamourous. Not the look I’m after. 

So guess it’s shade shopping today.