Was surprised when my daughter got dressed up for a party.

Asked her where she’s off to she said to a house down the street . It’s a friend of a friend and it’s her 21st.

She told me she didn’t want to go and make small talks but since the girl mailed the invite out she couldn’t say no.

Anyhow she RSVP with a note to say she’s going to turn up late.

I asked her why? As it’s her friend’s friend.

Then it all came tumbling out. D’s friends are really rude to me. I don’t like them. 

I keep on forgetting our kids go to public school. D went to a private school. 

I gently reminded her. They went to private. They have money may be that’s why. No excuse for being rude though. May be they are insecure? And wonders why D’s friends with you? 

Anyhow D’s friends aside, D is a great guy . He’s down to earth and have been brought up well. Yes he went to private but his parents still grows their own vegies and have chooks. His mum bakes.

I’m happy she’s friends with D. As for his friends well that’s another story. 

Hubby’s gone off to his nephew’s birthday . Don’t think we were invited. Have asked him to drink in moderation as I would like to see him home tonight. 

It might be wishful thinking since his nephews all drink like fish. 

Last week his sister’s husband got so drunk with them he couldn’t string words together . Then he tried to touch me and I had to dodge. Told him he needed to go home and sleep it off.

I don’t know much about him to judge. I’d rather not judge as hubby’s side is very close. His sister’s already had one failed marriage. Someone remarked his antics last week reminded them of her ex. Not a good sign.

I have nothing against people having a good time. Just not my scene. I don’t hold my alcohol well so I know my limits. I have two the most. 

Don’t think I’ve ever been drunk my whole life though I’ve been close to it. I’m too much of a control freak to ever lose control. 

On a happy note it leaves me with two young ones at home.

My kitchen smells just lovely. My youngest  made banana bread cup cakes with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.