Hubby brought home a bag of fried rice and nem nuong (Vietnamese cured meat balls) last night and a bag of home grown nashi plus a huge bag of chilli. 

I’ve left the rice and the meat balls for the kids. I’m eating our left overs from last night.

It doesn’t look too crash hot as it kind of exploded in the microwave. 

There’s spaghetti and Taiwanese noodles in there . They gave us heaps of seafood and not much noodles. Hubby being hubby only ordered 2 mains and not 3 like I would have. It just happens last night the spaghetti portion was more like an entree size. 

Thus in the end to feed the 4 of us we heated up the Taiwanese noodles left over from the night before and mixed it in. 

Luckily they gave us enough sauce to coat the supplement . Hence there’s still this bowl left for today.

So for $44 it fed four of us last night.

I’ve cleaned out the fridge. Not sure what’s for dinner. I’ve got enough vegies to do a stir fry . I also have a packet of Chinese sausages that I can pan fry as well.

We are not huge meat eaters . We love our vegies more.

I’m still thinking of what to do with this monster. It’s home grown. Still undecided as to should I make a zucchini slice or zucchini fritters ?

Looks like zucchini slice it is 😊