We’ve been here 5 years now and we still haven’t found a permanent solution to blocking the afternoon sun.

The back corner of the deck faces West. We’ve done quite a bit but still not enough. 

First we had louvres installed that costed an arm and a leg. That blocked out the sun as it’s over head. 

Then we got the screens and hanging plants in to try to block it on the way down.

Still it’s not working . I get the sun coming in hitting the glass door reflecting up from our polished floors and blinding me as I cook. The thing is it’s only one door. 

I’m against anything permanent as I like to have our bifolds open on nice days. And since we don’t have neighbours peering in we don’t really need window furnishings.

Anyhow this might have to do. 

I’m going to IKEA today as I need to buy their foldable hooks and pop by Freedom to have a look at their curtains. The two stores are in the same shopping centre. I’m trying to do it on the cheap.

My idea is in Summer I’d hook it on and in Winter I can store it away. 

These hooks are foldable. 

Now to find a rod that’s going to fit in the hook. And curtains light enough to hang on it.

The alternative would be like our old place , timber venetians . I used to hate them as they were dust collectors.