I’m switching my routine around this morning. Instead of pottering around the house or doing errands I’m going to prep and cook our dinner.

Tonight we’re having potato noodles or glass noodles. I’m stir frying them with lots of vegies, mushroom, egg and tofu.

I’m trying out a new type of tofu. It’s a dry type which in turn is better for stir frying. You’d need to deep fry it first.

As for the noodles it needs a good soak in warm water for about half an hour before it is boiled until cooked. Stir frying is really to just mix it with everything else. 

This dish is a bit fiddly as I need to do all that plus pan fry the eggs thinly to cut them into strips to incorporate them in the noodles. 

Guess I’d better start cracking.