I did badly at footy tipping last week. Lots of upsets . Here’s hoping this week is better 😩 

Haven’t gone in to see what the average score was.

Have had a very productive day today. I’ve caught up at work. Prepped for dinner. Volunteered. 

Even went to look for my friend’s pressie . 

This one was really pretty but was too long. It was just below my knees.

Not sure about this blue one . The split looked a bit slutty.

This was my final choice . It fitted perfectly and it had lace down the sides, sexy as except they didn’t have it in her size 😩 Will have to try and find it in Westfield.

I guess I could always buy her this too. 

As for her husband I think I’d make his day buying this for her 😇

Now I need to nap before I tackle dinner. Then will drive down to the hidey hole.